Take this jump-start course and you’ll know what to look for in a glass of wine and how to describe it. You’ll also get to know your preferences and how to buy wines that you’ll like.

This course is perfect for novices starting to learn about wine, planning a trip to wine country or attending a wine dinner. Intermediate students often use the course to refresh their wine evaluation techniques before taking more advanced courses.

Course Length: 3 classes, 60-90 minutes each
Suggested Access: 12 weeks
Price: $39 View the syllabus.

This online course features:

The materials are always available so you can access them any time of day or night and whether you have 5 minutes or 55 minutes to study, wherever you have an internet connection.

Winemaker Insights
Quotes and video clips with winemakers, sommeliers and restaurateurs as well as slide shows and audio clips. All videos include transcripts so a dial-up connection won’t slow you down.

Reference Materials
Printable materials include worksheets, tutored tastings, tasting journals and study guides.

Step-by-Step Tastings to Share with Friends
This course includes 2 tastings with 3 wines each. The first focuses on white wines and the second on reds. Each tasting highlights wines made with different grapes and winemaking techniques.

Most students complete the class materials on their own and then share the tutored tastings with friends. All the materials you’ll need to host fun and educational tastings are provided in the course, except for wine (which you can buy from your local wine shop), a corkscrew and a printer.